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Peterson FamilyThe Story of My Capital Letters

Sometime around 1999, I had an idea that I wanted to open up my own shop in Columbia, SC to sell Greek and Engraved Gifts. At the time I was attending the University of South Carolina and an active member of the Delta Gamma FraternityOmega Phi Alpha Sorority, and Psi Chi Honor Society. I loved personalized gifts and loved to give them. At the time there was no store of this type in the city and I loved going to an engraving store in North Charleston, which is no longer open. So I began to dream of opening my own store.

Jumping forward to 2009, I was telling my boyfriend/now husband the idea of a store I someday wanted to run. After trying embroidery and learning it was not my thing, he shared with me an article about a laser engraving machines that he had seen in one of his ‘geek’ magazines. So, we went to a trade show in Atlanta, GA to see firsthand and compare laser machines. Then we went through Prosper.com for a loan. Next thing we knew we had a 200lb, 4-foot square crate on the sidewalk of our 900 square foot bungalow when we got home from work one day. The machine cost nearly 1/2 of what the house cost. They had to deliver it on a special carrier van with a lift gate, since bungalows don’t usually come with truck ramps. The machine took up its own bedroom, with a loud industrial vent hung out the window.

That first Christmas family and friends all got personalized cutting boards, ornaments, glasses, blankets, and whatever else we could fit in the machine to laser on. Aside from Christmas and few odd art projects of my husbands (he won an award at the State Fair for one of them), the machine was barely used for over 3 years. During that time we moved 3 times, got married, two job changes, and had 2 wonderful little boys 18-months apart.

So, in the Fall of 2012 I decided to get My Capital Letters up and going again by doing a few vendor-shows and craft-fairs to display our cutting boards, glasses, and wine boxes. During this time I got involved with a mommies-playgroup with my 2 boys. I had the idea of doing a mommy craft play-date, where I would bring the supplies and a group of 5 moms would make a craft while our children would play. The first idea for a craft came from Pinterest. It was a single script wooden 12” letter used for a door hanger. I cut all the letters on the laser and brought to the play-date for decorating. It was such a popular craft we had a waiting list of moms wanting to join and others wanting to purchase more letters to paint for themselves or gifts. I posted some pictures on Facebook and started to receive orders out-of-the-blue.

Along the way I was introduced to April Mills, the owner of La Boutique on Corley Mill Road in Lexington, who placed our items in her store. By then we had started designing acrylic custom jewelry and personalized keychains which took off immediately.  We were also blessed to be introduced to Mary Hunt and read her book, Debt Proof Living; which helped to get our family finances in order for the changes we had coming.

In the Spring of 2013 my husband, Terry, quite his job as a corporate IT project manager of the past 10 years for us to take My Capital Letters full-time.  We never would have imagined any of this would be possible when I was cutting out those wooden letters for my mommies-playgroup not so long ago.  So from an idea 12 years ago, My Capital Letters, is now a thriving wholesale monogram jewelry manufacturer, has a great Facebook following, pinned on Pinterest, followed in Twitter and Instagram.

We’re now in over 1,500 retailers across the US.   Thank you to all our customers and resellers who have helped to further this dream come true.

-Aimee Peterson

God will answer prayers that you haven’t even prayed yet. 

2017 begins a new venture of My Capital Letters as we are now a part of Blue Harbor Marketing, LLC located in Edgefield, South Carolina.