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If you are a reseller, please log-in and return here for access to additional wholesale tools such as downloadable order forms, printable catalogs, etc.  Or visit our wholesale application to get an account.

SVG Files for Vinyl Monogramming Blanks

Reseller Policies & Terms

  • No Additional Shipping

    Additional shipping charges are not added to your order at check-out. All orders, including drop-ship direct to customer orders, by default are shipped via USPS with Tracking Number. $5 charge for USPS Priority. Note, Priority shipments still require standard order processing time of 7 business days for standard orders and 10 business days for bulk orders (>20 items) and large orders (items over 10″ and cake toppers).

  • Drop-Ship

    With free shipping it’s as cost effective to have a single item shipped to your customer or a bulk order sent to your store. Packaging Slip includes the “Company Name” you enter at the check-out screen. No prices will be included. Example packaging slip.

  • Bulk Discount

    Automatic bulk discount tiers are built into the website for monogram orders of 3 or more items; the discount applies automatically at check0ut. All items must be ordered together and shipped to the same address. Bulk discount does not apply to items in the Retail Products category.

  • Turn-Around Time

    Orders ship on average within 7 to 10 business days.  Up to 15 business days on initial opening orders and order of 50 or more items.

  • Pricing and Sales Policy

    Resellers may determine their own retail price points within +/- 15% MSRP on monogram items.  There is no required MSRP on [IMPULSE] items and Blanks for vinyl monogramming. Resellers may market our items on their own website, and may use any images from

  • Discounts

    Reseller discounts may not be combined with other discounts, coupons, or offers aside from the bulk discount except where explicitly stated.

  • Gift Boxes

    Most monogram items have a gift box option you select while ordering that item. Depending on size and number of items, often we will use gift boxes to protect monogram purchases for shipping. If you want to guarantee an item will be in a gift box, please add this option.

  • Broken, Incorrect Order, and Order Issues

    Please see

  • Delay in Shipping – Order Refund

    In both instances described below, reseller must request a cancellation and refund prior to My Capital Letters sending the “Your Order is Complete” email.  Request must be made via our Contact Us form.  This policy does not apply to an order once the “Your Order is Complete” email has been sent. Any exception to this policy will be published in the Reseller Newsletter.
    Monogram/Custom Orders of up to 10 Items
    – In the event an order takes longer than 10 business days to ship, reseller may request the order to be canceled with full refund at or after 10 business days past the order date.
    Impulse, Retail Display, Sample Set and Orders over 10 Items – In the event an order takes longer than 15 business days to ship, reseller may request the order to be canceled with full refund at or after 15 business days past the order date.

  • Accounts with Outstanding Balances

    Our policy is to receive payment prior to processing orders.  In certain situations that we determine necessary or appropriate we will ship orders prior to payment.  This will create an outstanding balance against your account.  Accounts with outstanding balances may not make new orders until the outstanding balance is paid.  In the event your account has an outstanding balance and you pay for a new order via the website, that payment will be credited towards the outstanding balance.  The new order will be placed on hold until any necessary additional payment is completed.

  • In-Active Zip-Code Protected Accounts

    Accounts with a protected zip-code which fail to maintain $100 in wholesale purchases per month will no longer be zip-code protected.  The account will remain active for making purchases.

  • Newsletter

    Once your account has been approved you will be added to our Reseller Newsletter. To maintain a reseller account it is mandatory to remain on this list. It is our primary means of communicating with our resellers. Unsubscribing from the Reseller Newsletter will result in your account being made in-active.

  • Use of Images & Branding

    All images found on, our social media, and email newsletters are free for our resellers to use for marketing purposes.  Modification of these images to include your company logo, name or link is also permitted.  In the event of ordering product and taking your own photographs, you are not required to brand or water-mark the image as My Capital Letters.  With well over 1,000 retailers carrying our products, we do not require but we do encourage you to promote that you carry “My Capital Letters” as many customers are now asking for our products by name from boutiques.

  • Errors and Ommissions

    In the event an error occurs on the website, through technical issues or otherwise, causing an order to not total correctly; My Capital Letters retains the right to cancel an order, refuse to fulfill the order, and/or hold the order until additional amounts due have been paid.