Impulse Letters vs Drop-Ship Monograms

Our two product lines are designed with slightly different focuses…

Drop-Ship / Monograms

  • Individual, personalized items (such as 3-letter monograms) designed for one-off ordering
  • Drop-shipping is no additional cost, so individual orders can be shipped directly to your customer
  • Necklace chains are sterling silver, unless otherwise noted
    White & Pink Pendant Monogram Necklaces by My Capital Letters

IMPULSE© by My Capital Letters

  • Specializing in single-letter, state & Greek accessories
  • Designed for quantity purchases of 10+ items at a time, providing the best bulk pricing
  • Necklace chains are silver-plated
  • Necklaces come in retail hang-bag packaging
    Impulse Letters Necklace packaging


  • Can I have a single-letter necklace drop-shipped?

    Yes, with your reseller account on My Capital Letters you can order any monogram item with just one letter.  Single-item drop-shipping is not available on our Impulse Letters line.

  • How do I have a monogram order drop-shipped?

    At check-out, after providing your ‘Billing Details‘ then provide your customers shipping address in the “‘ section.

  • I have an Impulse Letters reseller account, how do I get a reseller account with My Capital Letters?

    We’ve recently joined Impulse Letters into My Capital Letters, so if you had an Impulse Letters account you now have access to our entire monogram / drop-ship line.

  • Do you offer zip-code protection?

    Zip-code protection had been offered in the past to select retailers.  While we do our best to prevent market saturation and protect the areas surrounding those retailers, moving forward we do not offer zip-code protection for new accounts.