Fonts, Colors & Patterns

Font Options

Letters and fonts may vary slightly due to the process for building and designing your keychain, necklace, monogram, etc.

Vine Font Upper Case

Upper case used for the large middle letter (typically last name initial) in a monogram as well as for single-initial items.

Monogram Font - Vine

Vine Font Lower Case

Lower case used for monogram side letters (typically first and middle name initial) as well as for our “You and Me” design.

Monogram Font - Lower Case Vine

Circle Font – 2 Letter

Circle Font for Custom Personalized Jewelry

Circle Font – 3 Letter

Circle Font - 3 Letter for Personalized Custom Jewelry

Lower Block Font

Used for single-initial items.

Lower Block Font for Impulse by My Capital Letters necklaces


Pattern & Solild Color Acrylics

2017 Monogram Designer Pattern Acrylic Options by My Capital Letters

Actual color and designs may vary.